Marvel Infinity War


The ultimate beat'em up from the Marvel universe


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Marvel Infinity War is a free fangame set in the Marvel universe. It's developed using the OpenBOR engine and though it uses both visual and audio resources from games for 16-bit consoles, a large part of the content is created completely from scratch.

There are a whopping 78 different characters to select from several different licenses: the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even the Netflix series The Defenders. Story mode lets you advance through different locations in the adventure inspired by The Infinity War, a direct sequel to the popular Infinity Gauntlet saga starring Thanos and the six Infinity Gems.

Besides story mode, Marvel Infinity War includes endless game modes – remakes of iconic titles like Captain America and the Avengers, for example, and Spiderman Maximum Carnage – as well as a training mode in the danger saga and a 'boss rush' mode. It even includes the complete Marvel First Alliance video game from the developer himself, which is also available on Uptodown.

Marvel Infinity War is a classic beat'em up that's has nothing to envy paid games, letting you enjoy tons of content and even play with up to four players simultaneously.
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